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Sepharial Grid

Everything in this world are connected with each other. If you are mathematician then you will see everything as calculative manner. If you are a doctor then you can find life and medicines in each particle. Similarly if you are a good learner then you can learn form every body and every situation. Similarly astrology is also connected with every where. Planets are connected with each other and they influence each particle and each life. Each particle or life or stages of life represents a planet or conjuction of more planets. They really speaks and reacts and influence also. Everything in this world starts from believe.

Numerology is also a science is present everywhere from long time. Numbers can be anything like your roll number or employeeId, or your vehicle number or mobile number etc. They also impacts on our life. We all use our mobile frequently in day to day life. So its vibration impacts our lif more. Thelearned Ancients discovered the co-relationship of numbers, the planetary influences over life on this earth and the ordered planning of the universe.In modern times, no one has made a greater study of this science than Sepharial. We will create a Sepharial based on date of birth.

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